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Tired of Sending Formal Emails to Employees? Switch to Business Texts Now!

05/04/2020 12:26 PM By Yash


The easiest way to understand business messaging or business chat is to think of these as faster, less formal alternatives to internal email. Instead of sending emails, business messaging allows you to send something like a text message. Those messages then can be organized into channels. Channels can correspond to anything—projects, teams, office locations, business units—literally anything that facilitates communication. 

Why is this better?
Channels significantly increase overall communication. A specific group of individuals can be in a channel, and anytime a group member has an update, question, or document to share, they just put it into the channel. They type it up once, hit send once, and everyone who needs access has it. 

Channels also enable you to share documents and even integrate other programs. So, automated messages can come into the channel rather than clog up email inboxes. The channels are searchable too. Whenever you need to find a historical document or details from a previous conversation, you just search and it’s all in the channel. You can also pin important information, which helps everyone to prioritize and organize relevant information based on the team’s needs. 

Finally, if you have new members of a group, they can quickly read through the channel and get up to speed. 

Messaging must become your new go-to internal communication tool. Plus, it’s one of the primary tools to fight loneliness and replace face-to-face office banter. And that enables you to keep your team’s morale in good shape.