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Go Integrations a Certified Zoho CRM Consultant providing integrations, customizations, training, and support

​for businesses using Zoho and Shopify and Spire software.​ The best CRM software for small businesses 

​offering you to integrate all your marketing, sales, and operations under one roof.

As a Zoho Partner, our aim is to help small and medium sized businesses provide with 

integrated solutions for best-in-class business applications with the best CRM system 

in order to allow companies to work smarter not harder.

Using Zoho, Shopify and Spire Integrations, our aim is to provide you with the 

best integrated solutions that fit your needs/ requirements. 

With the best CRM software, we help businesses meet today’s challenges while providing a path for future 

transformation and help customers to get the most out of their software so they can grow their business using Zoho.

Why Zoho CRM?
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At first, we work to understand your business and objectives, so we can advise on a custom deployment, migration or integration strategy if necessary. This involves pre-meeting surveys that cover your objectives with Zoho and helps us learn about your current business procedures and software tools. From these surveys, we prepare a deployment plan to be reviewed at a live 2-hour Zoho Success meeting.


Second, we provide targeted training on the essential Zoho concepts, for a successful deployment. Our train-the-trainers and train-the-admins approach is designed to get your organization self-sufficient with Zoho as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. A custom training plan is developed and delivered based on the survey results and the 2- hour Zoho Success meeting. Training is delivered through online modules with short quizzes that lead to a certificate of completion. This 'Essentials Training' is unlimited, and as you deploy new staff, they can enroll and complete the Zoho essentials training and get certified. 


Third, we identify specific areas in your deployment that may require additional support. This includes any unusual complexity in data migration, integration of Zoho with other systems such as accounting/ERP software or e-Commerce websites and any requirements for custom Zoho Deluge scripting, Zoho Creator applications or Zoho Catalyst programming. We then present options for Go Integrations to complete these complex tasks or to train and support internal staff. With thousands of hours of Zoho customization, Deluge scripting and advanced programming using the Zoho APIs under our belt, Go Integrations is the real Zoho Pro.

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