GoIntegrations Zoho Success Program is designed to get organizations considering Zoho up and running quickly and cost-effectively. 

Our objective is to coach you through a successful Zoho deployment that grows your business, streamlines your operations and saves you money on software, all while keeping your staff happy and engaged. 

Our GoIntegrations Zoho Success Program consists of three components:


First we work to understand your business and objectives so we can advise on a custom deployment and migration or integration strategy if necessary. This involves pre-meeting surveys that cover your objectives with Zoho and lets us learn about your current business procedures and software tools. From these surveys we prepare a deployment plan to be reviewed at a live 2 hour Zoho Success meeting.


Second, we provide targeted training on the essential Zoho concepts you absolutely need to understand for a successful deployment. Our train-the-trainers and train-the-admins approach is designed to get your organization self-sufficient with Zoho as quickly and cost effectively as possible. A custom training plan is developed and delivered based on the survey results and detailed discussions from the 2 hour Zoho Success meeting. Training is delivered in on-line modules with short quizzes that lead to a certificate of completion. This “essentials training” alone can save you from the pain that occurs when software is deployed poorly.  Essentials training is unlimited so as you have new staff they can enroll in and complete Zoho essentials training and get certified. 


Third, from the survey and 2 hour Zoho Success meeting we identify specific areas in your deployment that may require additional support. This includes any unusual complexity in data migration, integration of Zoho with other systems such as accounting/ERP software or eCommerce websites and any requirements for custom Zoho Deluge scripting, Zoho Creator applications or Zoho Catalyst programing. We will present options for GoIntegrations to complete these more complex tasks or for GoIntegrations to train and support internal staff. With thousands of hours of Zoho customization, Deluge scripting and advanced programming using the Zoho APIs under our belt our Toronto based team are real Zoho Pros.

Our philosophy is to give you a customized deployment plan, targeted training, and access to an advanced Zoho development team to support your successful deployment. Our model lets you choose to do either a lot or a little of the deployment / customization work yourself. Plan your deployment and only pay us if and when you need additional help. As Benjamin Franklin said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” - the GoIntegrations Zoho Success Program is a small upfront investment to insure your team doesn’t waste countless hours deploying a Zoho solution that doesn’t work and no-one uses.


Grow your business, streamline your operations and save you money on all software.

PROGRAM COST: $300 CDN. If you choose to retain GoIntegrations for any customization, consulting or development services we will credit the $300 Zoho Success Program fee against our fees for service.

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