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What is a CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an approach that helps businesses 

improve existing customer relationships and acquire new customers faster. 

CRM acts as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer supportactivities together, 

and streamline your process, policy, and people in one platform.

 Benefits of using Zoho CRM

Here is why Zoho CRM is the best CRM system for small and medium businesses.

Boost Sales

With Zoho CRM, you can identify, nurture, and follow up on quality leads. Assign it to the appropriate salesperson so they can follow-up so you do not lose sales.

​Efficient Business Process

Help your team stay productive by building efficient processes for your business. Zoho CRM can help you ensure that standards are followed while processes are executed.

Better Data Organization

Import your leads, contacts and customers into Zoho CRM and track sales and engagements.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Zoho CRM gets your team with all the historical data of a customer, as well as information regarding similar issues faced by others which helps your team resolve customer inquiries quickly, ensuring they leave satisfied.

Mobile Accessibility

Ensures that your team has access to important CRM data, no matter where they are. A sales rep in the field can pull up information about nearby customers or drop by for a meeting on the go.

Enhanced Communication

Make your sales team follow up with proposals by scheduling automatic reminders and creating a set of email templates.

Data Security and Compliance

You can rest assured that your customer data is safe in Zoho CRM data centers, safeguarded by top-of-the-line physical and digital security mechanisms.

Know Your 

Schedule weekly email reports so each of your sales team members know how close they are to achieving their monthly, quarterly or annual goals. 

Customers get more convinced to turn their inquiries 

into purchases once they are responded to promptly.

Run your entire business on 
​Zoho Suite

Zoho One

Zoho One is an all-in-one suite to run your entire business with 40 integrated applications on one account, with complete administrative control.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an accounting software that lets you send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory, generate reports, and file returns effortlessly.

Zoho People

Zoho People takes care of your HR processes while you take care of your employees. From onboarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals,
we’ve got it all covered.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that gives you the power to make the shift quick, secure, and seamless—regardless of the complexity of your requirements and coding expertise.

What does Zoho CRM do for your business?

Sales Force Automation
Automate routine sales, marketing, and support functions, giving you more time to concentrate on your customers. Create optimized workflows that help you reduce manual data entry to speed up your overall process.

  1. Lead Management
  2. Deal Management
  3. Contact Management
  4. Workflow Automation
Analytics and AI
Measure the performance of every sales activity, and break quotas down into achievable targets with Zoho CRM's reports, analytics, and forecasts.

Zia is an AI assistant included in Zoho CRM who can help you manage your CRM data. Stay on top of every activity with the newest member of your team.

  1. Analytical Components
  2. Reports
  3. Zia Voice
  4. Lead and Deal Production
Get notified when someone interacts with your brand—whether they're browsing your website, reading your email, or talking about your brand on social media.

  1. Email
  2. Telephony
  3. Social
  4. Customer Portals
Sales Process Management
Define your sales process for your whole team to follow.

  1. Sales Process Building
  2. Processing Rules