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Sales teams are more productive when using CRM Mobile App

06/16/2020 01:27 PM By Yash - Comment(s)

Did you know that sales teams are 76% more productive when using a CRM mobile app?

Sales is all about closing deals and generating revenue. It's about helping others. It's about seeing a problem that others have and then connecting that person with a solution to their problem. It is not just about ma...

Tired of Sending Formal Emails to Employees? Switch to Business Texts Now!

05/04/2020 12:26 PM By Yash - Comment(s)

The easiest way to understand business messaging or business chat is to think of these as faster, less formal alternatives to internal email. Instead of sending emails, business messaging allows you to send something like a text message. Those messages then can be organized into channels. Chann...